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School Gates

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School Gates

Keeping children safe at school is an absolute priority, and it all starts with a robust and dependable set of school gates and appropritate fencing.  Such gating systems not only need to keep kids safe and secure inside school grounds during the week, but they also need to keep unwanted intruders out. 

This means that, more often than not, modern schools and academies look to install smart security systems and gates which can be opened with keypad or swipe access, or which can only be opened with the authority of the school and/or any supervisors who may have right of access or jurisdiction. 

If you have a gate in need of repair, a lick of paint or in need of security enhancement, it is time to consider whether or not your current system offers enough to safeguard schoolchildren from harm. 

Thankfully, there are a number of cost-effective and reliable options available for you to choose from – and one size never truly fits all!  Choose a local gate supplier who can install and maintain your school security with confidence and ease.

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School Security Gates

Schools see a regular influx of visitors throughout any given day.  Pupils, parents, teachers, inspectors – they all need access to and from the premises Monday through Friday. 

On this basis, effective and reliable security gates need to freely offer access to those who have right of way, and to bar those who do not.  Schools generally have an ‘open’ policy when it comes to visitors, which means you are going to need to keep a fine balance between remaining open and appealing to visitors while making safety a priority. 

With streamlined access gates and controls, you can make it easy for authorised visitors to enter your premises while restricting those who aren’t allowed to.

School Main Gate

The school main gate – throughout our surrounding areas and beyond – is the first thing that anyone will see when they approach your school premises.  It is therefore seen as the entrance, and should therefore give a welcoming impression, though should still offer an imposition of security. 

You may also be interested in bollards to help secure your building. We have a range of bollards available for schools, industrial sites and much more.

You need to ward off unwanted visitors and to warmly welcome in pupils, parents and staff!  The main gate should always be impossible to breach without authorisation – which is why a smart system, an intercom or card access gate may be the best option to take. 

Let visitors speak to reception staff to gain authorisation, or to swipe authorisation cards to allow easy access each and every visit.

Gate Installers Near Me

From metal gates to swing gate designs and smart installations, finding the most efficient and cost effective gate installers near me shouldn’t be a tricky task. 

Secure your playground and premises with a solid, impenetrable gating system which not only looks the part – in that it complements the schoolyard that it welcomes people as much as it demonstrates security. 

Choose a gate installer nearby your school who already has a portfolio of solid and dependable security work available for you to view and to take inspiration from.  Choosing the right installer is not just about finding the best financial fit – it’s about finding talented ironworkers and designers, too.

School Entrance Gate Design

Though there are no hard and fast rules as to how all entrances should look, the general idea for an effective school entrance gate design revolves around that of a look which deters unwanted visitors and which welcomes others. 

A good gate design should offer no access via climbing, crawling underneath, or any access over nearby fencing.  It’s important to lead with a gate design that complements your existing security perimeter, and which also assures parents that you are serious about protecting their children. 

As a learning academy, you have a duty of care to act as guardians over children while they are with you – why risk anything less than the best in security?

School Gate Security System

School gate security systems have evolved dramatically over the years, but the goal remains the same.  A video or voice intercom system provides plenty of reassurance as far as security is concerned, and school gates are now designed with reducing physical intrusion in clear focus. 

Modern gates and fencing should not be able to be crossed or intercepted – without exception.  The closest allies’ schools and academies have in terms of security are gate suppliers and designers – easy to monitor and to maintain, and even easier to use, modern gating systems should be the absolute worst enemy of unwanted visitors. 

You should be able to set up school gates which effectively do the job of securing the premises for you without you needing to keep a close eye 24/7.

Automatic Gates for Schools

Automatic gates for schools are becoming more popular, too.  To the uninitiated, the idea of gates which automatically open and close may not seem like a secure option, but coupled with intercom and video authorisation, it’s now easier and more secure than ever to set up an automated system which you don’t have to physically attend to.

Those which are built with automatic access in mind offer the most efficiency and the most convenience for schools and personnel – and they are amongst the most secure options you can install in the schoolyard today.

Gates for Schools

Gates for schools are a world away from gates for gardens and homes.  These gates, while still offering security, are protecting the lives of hundreds of children at a time. 

We can also install gates ( for homes, commercial buildings and factories. 

Just like a number of other establishments, schools and academies, as well as nurseries, have an enormous duty of care in ensuring that the pupils they cater to are kept safe and free from harm Monday through Friday.  It’s your duty to make sure your school gates are safe, secure and reliable – leave no room for doubt or risk.

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