Automatic Rising Bollards

Automatic Rising Bollards

Having automated bollards is a great way to stop cars and vans getting into a certain area as they block it off.

Automated Street Bollard

Automated Street Bollard

Many people will walk past street bollards each day, they are recommended to have for areas which are used by the public.

Installing Parking Bollards

Installing Parking Bollards

Our specialists are able to install a wide variety of access control services and automatic bollards are one of the services available.

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Automatic Rising Bollards

Automatic rising bollards are great for a number of facilities, including car-parks, public spaces, offices and homes. The purpose of parking-bollards is to prevent vehicles entering and exiting a certain area.

Normally, for public spaces, such as a shopping street in the centre of a town, the parking-bollards are automated to a set time. This means that they can rise and lower themselves at certain times. You may also find these bollards in schools and other areas.

The reason that these are normally required for public streets is because in the day time and busy periods you do not want vehicles using the street because the public will be suing them and it could be dangerous.

However, in the early morning and evening, they might be lowered so that vehicles can use the street. It is important for areas where shops are that they can be lowered because shops will need deliveries and this might be the only entrance available.

If you're interested in finding out more about this type of rising access system and how we could install it for you, we recommend that you speak to our professionals by filling out the application form which is on our website.

What are Bollards?

Bollards are a great option for properties, homes and facilities that are looking to improve their secuirty and enterance access. The automatic bollards can move up and down to allow cars to enter a home or road during selected times.

These are perfect and can be used all year round. Let us know if you would like to find out more information or speak to our professionals today. We are happy to give you all the details required to get the results you're looking for. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you shortly. 

Parking Bollards nearby

Parking-bollards are used to prevent an unauthorised car exiting a facility or going into an area when it is not allowed. As the parking-bollards are automatic, it means that they do not have to be managed or watched by an individual as a system could be set up to control the time they rise and lower.

Car Park Bollards

Car park bollards are normally used with car park barriers The bollards are normally not up all the time but are set on a timer to rise and lower at certain times. This can be to stop a car-park being used at unsociable hours when they are shut.

Then if a car is left in a facility overnight, the bollard system will rise and only be lowered when the car-park is open.

This also provides a security element as if you have left your car in a car-park, you know that it cannot be stolen at the hours as they will not get it past the bollard systems.

Benefits of Automatic Bollards

There are many benefits of installing automatic bollards to homes and properties across the UK. As experts we have supplied and installed numerous bollards and have found the benefits of the automated access. These features include:

  • Increases security for both homes and facilities, as it stops cars and other vehicles from entering a driveway or road. 
  • Easy way to stop unwanted vehicles from parking.
  • Easy to use with very little maintenance required. 

Automatic Bollards for Driveways

This type of system is not just installed for car parks and commercial areas, many people choose to have automatic bollards for driveways installed.

The main reason for people having them at their homes is because of the security factor. It means that if someone broke into their home they would not be able to get a vehicle into the property and they would also not be able to steal one of their cars.

A lot of people who choose to have these installed at their property, also have an automatic gate installed in front of them, this is adding extra security.

We can also install xpass antiterrorism bollards which allows electric remote control in case of an emergency. We can provide chevron marking on the electric rising bollards if necessary. Chevrons are a great way to make the bollard more visible to road users.

Remember that you can find out even more about the services we can provide by using the contact form which is on our website. Have you read about out automatic gates Whenwe receive an enquiry and will respond with suitable information in regards to your response about automatic rising bollards.

Parking Bollards Suppliers near me

We have a range of designs available for these systems, it just depends what you are wanting to achieve.

For public spaces, people normally ask to have a bright colour, such as yellow as it stands out but obviously for homes we are generally asked to provide a subtle colour which blends in with the environment or their current gate system they might have.

Our team will be able suggest what they think the best option for your facility and they could explain why and let you know any more details which you require.

How to install Bollards

Installing an automatic bollard is a simple process for our experienced professionals. As a team of experts we follow these simple steps to give you the best quality results:

  1. Mark out the areas where you want your bollards located
  2. Dig up the spots where they will go
  3. Install all the electrical features
  4. Place the structures

If you are interested in find out more information regarding the installation process, get in touch with us today. We are happy to give you all the details required to get the results you're looking for. 

Security Bollards

If you are searching for car-park or automatic bollards for driveways, you might search for parking bollards suppliers near me, security-bollards or a local access control company and this is where we can help. We are able to provide out specialist services nationwide and we have a large amount of experience because of the amount of projects we have carried out.

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To find out more about automatic rising bollards and how they can be installed to improve security and manage traffic, just speak to our team by entering your details into the enquiry form and we will get back to you quickly.


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