Automated Access Control System in Abbey Gate

Automated Access Control System in Abbey Gate

We can install an automated access control system for driveways in the United Kingdom to improve the appearance of your drive and offer security.

Automatic Gates for Driveways in Abbey Gate

Automatic Gates for Driveways in Abbey Gate

Our installers offer automatic gates for driveways for both domestic and commercial use. The gates are available in a number of designs including wooden and metal.

Gates with Automatic Controls in Abbey Gate

Gates with Automatic Controls in Abbey Gate

If you are interested in gates with automatic controls, our team can offer a number of options for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require more info.

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Automated Access Control System in Abbey Gate

We are professionals who can provide access control solutions and install an automated access control system at your home or commercial building in Abbey Gate.

Installing this type of system is great for many reasons, the main one being security.

Having any gate or barrier protecting your home or building provides a sense of security, whether it's an electronic access control system or not.

However, having a gate with an online access control system is better because it means you can control it easily, normally by remote control or a keypad.

If you are interested in having this automatic access control software installed at your property, please enter your details into the enquiry form on our website, and a member of our team will contact you as soon as they're able to.


Benefits of Automated Access

There are many benefits of installing your own system of automated physical access control gate to your home or facility, which can include factors such as; 

  • Increased security helps keep your home and property safe by allowing you to monitor people's movement's across multiple sites. This can include security from intruders as well as unwanted animals.
  • Improve the aesthetics of the home and its surrounding areas by increasing the appealing features. 
  • It is easy to use with little effort to open and close, making them perfect for every home, even without a key holder.
  • Little maintenance and upkeep required as they're produced using high-quality products and materials that aren't likely to be impacted by weather conditions and wear.

What is Automated Access?

Automated access is the perfect system for all homes and properties looking to enhance their facility and lessen their use of physical keys or mechanical keys by replacing them with other options like electronic locks.

There is a wide range of automated physical access control barriers available, including single-door access control, electric gates, bollards, and blockers which can let your old-school door hardware rest and improve access to any property in Abbey Gate EX13 5. 

As professionals, we can supply and install these systems to the highest standards to ensure you are happy with the result.

Let us know if you would like to find out more information or speak to our specialists today. 

What does an Access Control System Consist Of?

Most access control systems have four main components:

  1. Access control barrier;
  2. Access control authentication or identification equipment;
  3. The access control panel that controls the barrier;
  4. The communication mechanism binds these elements and the system to the reaction elements.

Where can Access Control Systems be Used?

Workstations, file rooms containing confidential data, printers, server room doors, and other entry doors can all be restricted with access control systems.

How does an Access Control System Work?

When your system administrator installs an access automation system, there can be a range of ways for you to know who is outside the gate.

The most common type is for a keypad to be placed on a wall near the barrier. The keypad should have a microphone so that the person outside can tell you who they are.

You can hear this through a phone set-up, and then you can press a buzzer to let them in.

How does an access control system work?

Many people have also decided to integrate access control systems with cameras to see who it is before giving them access.

Some use a biometric reader or an access card as an identifier that authorises a person to enter certain areas.

Access control systems have battery backup sets for biometric readers, facial recognition devices, identification card readers, and exit button switches in case of sudden power cuts.

How do you Implement Automated Access Control Systems?

Depending upon the system you have installed, the process of installation will vary. However, when installing any gate, blocker or barrier, we follow these easy, simple steps: 

  1. Discuss what access system would be appropriate for your property
  2. Prepare the area
  3. Apply any necessary electrical procedures
  4. Install your chosen product

As experts, we are fully qualified and experienced in installing access to the highest standards possible.

Let us know if you are interested in finding out more information or speaking to one of our experts; fill out the contact form provided. 


Gates with Automatic Controls Near Me

Having gates with automatic controls nearby makes everything easier. It allows you to get in and out of a building with ease.

Most people prefer automatic controls when they are driving in and out of property regularly, as it means they only have to click their key fob instead of getting out of the car to enter the gate code each time.

When an automatic gate is installed at home, we then provide several key fobs for each family member, and they will let us know if they need spares.

Learn more about automatic gates by clicking this link

Automatic Barrier Systems in Abbey Gate

When people search for automatic barrier systems near me, they might be wanting an automatic gate that has gaps in it and is available in a range of designs, or they could be wanting a plain, sturdy block barrier.

However, a barrier or boom gate as it can be known as is actually a type of system which is mainly installed in car parks or offices to manage cars.

Barriers can open and close on their own, and often at paying car parks, a token has to be inserted into the system, and then the barrier will lift, and the car can drive out.

To find out more about the variety of local services we can provide, fill out the application form on our site. Our experts will receive your form then respond with suitable information.

Security Bollards Automation Nearby

Our local automatic gate company in Abbey Gate EX13 5 can install security bollards that provide automated access.

We have inserted bollards at homes, but most of the time, we are asked to fit them at commercial buildings, offices and public spaces.

Automated bollards are mainly required to stop cars from being driven out or into an area, which is why they're popular in public spaces.

Some places have them set on a timer. For example, the bollards might be up in the day because it's a busy time for the public to be out and walking in that area.

Then at night, they might be taken down so that cars can drive down the area.

Learn more about how bollards work here

Rising Kerbs Specification

Rising kerb specifications can vary from project to project; it depends on various things you want to meet.

Our team can discuss different options for a rising kerb in surrounding areas to ensure that a suitable one is installed for your facility.

Most facilities that choose to have this automatic system fitted are offices and places where vandalism is a risk, as it means that cars are unable to drive over the kerb when it is lifted, but when it is dropped, people can access it without an issue.

Intercom System

An intercom system or an intercom access control, as it can be known, is normally installed outside a gate or door.

They're mainly used to allow individuals inside a property to allow access to individuals outside the property.

Many homes, flats and offices have intercom access control systems set up, and the most common type of way for the individuals outside the building to gain access is from the buzzer being pressed.

The system will then release the door magnets which are holding the door shut.

The door will then shut, and the magnet will hold it together again, making sure only people who have been allowed access are in the building.

An intercom system is a secure way of knowing who is outside as you speak to them before letting them in. 

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